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Playing Safe: Kids and Eye Safety

Choosing the right toys with eye safety in mind is a concern for all parents. How do parents choose toys that keep their kids' eyes safe?

Children are born with an only partially developed visual system. Few things stimulate a child's visual development better than play, which involves hand-eye coordination and a more concrete understanding of spaces and distances between objects. Good toys for stimulating an infant's sight in his or her first year include mobiles with geometric patterns or colors, and activity mats with detachable and changeable objects, balls, books and puppets. Until they're 3 months old, babies can't fully differentiate between colors, so simple black and white images of things like shapes and simple patterns are really conducive to encouraging visual development.

Since kids spend a large amount of their day engaged in play with toys, parents need to make sure their toys are safe for their eyes as well as their overall safety. To be safe, a toy must be right for their age group. Don't forget to check that toys are good for their developmental stage. Even though toy companies mention targeted age groups on the box, it's still important for you to be smart, and be attentive, so that your child avoids playing with something that might be harmful to them.

Don't buy toys with edges or sharp components for young children, and if your kids have toys with long handles, like pony sticks, always make sure the end is rounded. Always pay attention when they play with such toys.

If your child is under 6 years old, avoid toys with flying parts, such as slingshots. Always pay attention with those kinds of toys. Whereas, when it comes to older kids who have chemistry sets or woodworking tools, always check that they are wearing correct safety eyewear.

So when shopping for a holiday or birthday, pay attention to the manufacturers' warning about the intended age range for the toy you had in mind. Ensure that there's no danger posed to your child.