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Focusing on Astigmatism and Contact Lenses

Have you ever thought about contact lenses as an option to correct astigmatism? Firstly, what is astigmatism? An eye with astigmatism has a differently shaped cornea (football-shaped, unlike a normal cornea, which is round), which means that light entering your eye through the cornea struggles to come to a single focal point on the retina, resulting in blurred vision.

Toric contact lenses are used to rectify this condition. Toric lenses are constructed differently from regular lenses. Compared to typical lenses, which have one power throughout the lens, toric lenses have two different powers; one which addresses astigmatism, and one for myopia or hyperopia. Because of their particular design, toric lenses need to remain in place on your eye in order to correct your vision, as opposed to spherical contact lenses, which have no effect if they rotate on your eye when you blink. Contact lenses for astigmatism are therefore heavier on the bottom, to prevent them from moving around on your eye.

Toric lenses are available as soft disposable contact lenses, daily disposable lenses, and frequent replacement lenses. And people with astigmatism have no shortage of options; toric lenses even come in color, or as multifocals. Hard contact lenses, also called rigid gas permeable lenses, provide a stronger shape which allows them to stay put when you blink, but they aren't always as comfortable as soft lenses. .

Due to the fact that toric lenses are just a bit more complex, expect the fitting to take a little more time. This all might seem like a bit of effort, but it's well worth the end result; getting treated, glasses-free. Being fitted with the best product for you will only improve your vision, and consequently, your everyday life.

Great news! 

Our offices are now reopened!

The Doctors & staff of both offices have been working hard to put in place safeguards that will keep our patients and staff, healthy and safe. Not only will we be adhering to strict disinfection protocols as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are a few other temporary protocols that we would like to make you aware of:

The safety of our patients and staff is by far the most important thing on our minds as we reopen, and we apologize in advance for any and all inconveniences that this COVID-19 Pandemic period may have caused you and your family.

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We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

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